The Company recently joined the rest of the world in commemorating the World AIDS Day. The day is marked on 1st December every year.  The day offers an opportunity for individuals worldwide to unite to stop new infections, support those infected and affected by HlV, and remember those who have lost their lives due to AIDS.  

To celebrate the day, the Company continuous to promote and implement various interventions that would prevent employees from new HIV infections and re-infections, whilst protecting staff from Covid-19.

A facilitator from National Aids Control Council demonstrates to Sasumua Dam staff on the use of female condom at a past event. 

Staff have been reminded to consistently and properly use the provided facemasks, maintain proper hand hygiene including washing hands and sanitizing, keeping and maintaining social/physical distance. They have also been sensitized to consistently and correctly use condoms whenever necessary while adhering to the Anti-Retroviral Therapy prescribed by the medical practitioner. Avoiding discrimination and stigma to persons living with HIV and those infected by/ or recovered from COVID-19 has also been part of awareness creation. 

This year’s Global theme as per UNAIDS is “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility” that underscores the significance of individuals, countries and the global community uniting in taking responsibility to address HIV and AIDS amidst the growing list of challenges that the world is facing today including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenya has adopted “Komesha HIV and COVID-19 #Tuwajibike” as its theme to address the emerging concerns.