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World Waternet delegates are currently in the Company to offer a one-week training in the field of water production, Non-Revenue Water and Hydraulic modelling.

The Acting Managing Director Eng. Nahason Muguna received them and gave them a brief overview on the status of Non-Revenue Water and the strategies that have been put in place to curb it.

 “Our major concern right now is to reduce the levels of Non-Revenue Water. The loses are attributed to commercial loses but we believe with the right approach and mobilization of resources we can reduce it significantly.” He said.

 Some of the strategies that Worldwaternet has successfully employed in reducing Non-Revenue Water includes: optimization of the processes of water treatment plants and catchment areas to save water, energy and chemicals. mapping for effective new connections as well capacity building and behavioral change through  training of personnel.

The team is expected to go for a site visit to Ngethu Treatment Works for inspection of treatment and transmission systems.

 World Waternet is part of a Water Operators Partnership where utilities enter into a partnership with the intention of peer-to-peer learning as well as facilitate access to water services for 10 million people. There are 55 WOPs in the Waternet program where Kenya has three based in Nairobi, Homabay and Naivasha respectively.

NCWSC has formed a working steering committee that will directly contribute to the success of the project compromising of Informal Settlement Region, Non-Revenue Water , Technical Departments BPOs (Production, O& M, QAM) and Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Departments.

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