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Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company partnered with the Ministry of Water & Sanitation to sensitize school children on Non- Revenue Water at the just concluded Nairobi International Trade fair. NCWSC Young Water Professionals spearheaded the exercise at the NCWSC stand at the show ground.

The school children were taught simple water saving tips that they could exercise at home such as reporting a leaking tap, reusing water within the household. At the end of the talk, children took a pledge to conserve water in their homes.

The company loses approximately 38% of its water through water losses and some of the ways this can be reduced is through adapting simple strategies in the home like repairing a leaking faucet. The exercise was meant to sensitize the school going children along with their parents on the need to save every drop.

The children also went home with an animated brochure of the water saving tips. The YWP had the pleasure of hosting Malezi Primary School & Community center. The school has participated in the Water quality and conservation global challenge where they emerged number one in Kenya, Africa and third in the world.

Young Water Professionals were also able to showcase their role in supporting the Company through capacity building and mentorship among the youth. The association enumerated their success stories which include sensitization of customers on the use of Majivoice, participation in tree planting, donation of water tanks, among others.

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