The company rarely rations water for informal settlement areas but has badly suffered from illegal “spaghetti” connections which is mostly not metered and hence the roll out of the project to curb the Non-Revenue Water.

The concept of meter chambers will enable customers including vendors to have their accounts registered, read and billed to generate revenue for the Company.

The effectiveness of the water meter chambers is that regulation of water flowing into Kibera slums will be tenable allowing neighboring estates like Langata that have suffered from illegal tapping downstream some sort of water “up-time”.

Kibra like most of the informal settlements is an area that has no known land registrations in the form of plot numbers hence meter chambers are an effective identification tool for account owners who gets supplied with water.

Over 200 water customers including vendors have already submitted application forms and opened accounts to be allocated water meters in the chambers which will be billed in their names. Each of these customers in return will supply hundreds of other house-holds in the slums.

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