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The Company has rolled out a new Customer Management and Billing System, otherwise called Basis2. The Oracle based comprehensive, flexible, state -of –the-art integrated system went live from 1st August 2020.  This new system replaces the current Customer Management System (CMS) which has been in use since the year 2006. 

Basis2 is designed to serve the ever-changing business needs of NCWSC. It adopts and adapts with the changing business environment, meets regulatory and stakeholder requirements and supports expansion into new services. In a Circular addressed to all staff, Basis2 Project Manager Martin Nang’ole called for cooperation to ensure smooth transition and   migration of data from CMS to Basis2.  “All staff are called upon to play their roles diligently and with utmost integrity.” He said.

The key unique feature of Basis2 is its flexible design, its value driven approach to the Customer Information System, its accessibility by customers and ease of use. This makes it easier to learn and does not require memorization of complicated codes. It is used by utilities around the world in regulated, deregulated and transitioning markets.

It also provides a multi-tiered pricing model, an open and extensible web services architecture and specific functionality to address the needs of NCWSC and will seamlessly integrate with financial system for a better revenue management. 

Other key benefits includes: provision of a unified solution to address the customer management, meter reading and billing business intelligence requirements; speedy analysis of all data in the system and creation of varied reports and graphs and ease of deployment to a large number of concurrent users through a scalable platform. The new system also has a single tool set for accessing all customer data, meter and account and a self-service dashboard that can easily be accessed by customers. The dash board also provides capabilities for rich customization and personalization and reduced costs and complexity eliminating multi-vendor tools and databases. 

 The cutting edge system will encompass the various commercial, financial and technical customer related processes and allow for integration with Oracle e-Business Suite to facilitate seamless accounting and reporting in pursuit of our clarion call dubbed “Optimal Resource Management for Sustainable Service Delivery”


• New billing system went live from 1st August, 2020. 

• Basis2 designed to serve the ever-changing business needs of NCWSC

• Customer Management System (CMS)  has been in use since the year 2006. 

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