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A Simplified Sewer System Project site at Mukuru Kwa Njenga informal settlement where the pilot project will be undertaken.  The Company in collaboration with its stakeholders are set roll out Simplified Sewer System Pilot Project in Mukuru informal settlement targeting three thousand beneficiaries. The project is funded by ONE Foundation with Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), Water Services for the Urban Poor (WSUP), Mukuru SPA teams and NCWSC overseeing its implementation. 

The pilot area is identified to be Mukuru as the requisite infrastructure is already in place. Mapping of the households along the Pilot area is to be undertaken ascertain the reach and impact as well as quantify the scope of work.  Labour for the project will be sourced from within Mukuru community through the Kazi Kwa Mtaani program by NMS as the programme has a buy-in from the community.  Lorine Arodi (WSUP) and Eng. Jackson Munuve (NCWSC) are the Project Leads for the SSS pilot project.

Regional Manager – ISR shall second Community Development Assistants, a Sociologist and one Technical staff to the SSS project.  WSUP shall facilitate a minimal budgetary allocation towards procurement of pipes and fittings for the sewer connections and landlords shall receive a materials’ grant to upgrade their toilets from latrines to pour-flush toilets. 


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