Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Kariobangi Treatment Plant is located at Nairobi City County Kamunde Road off Outering Road behind Kariobangi Light Industries.The Plant was built …

The plant is located at 26 km from Nairobi city along Kangundo road, east of the city along eastern bypass at Ruai. …

Waste Water Treatment FAQs

Waste water is any water that has been contaminated by human use either domestic, industrial, agricultural etc.

Protection of human health, Environmental protection, Resource recovery.      

NCWSC plays a key role in the wastewater management in the following ways:

  • Regulation of trade effluent discharge
  • Regulation of Private exhausters
  • Operation and Maintenance of the sewers
  • Offering Exhauster services in non-sewered areas upon request.
  • Treatment of the wastewater at the wastewater treatment plants in Ruai & Kariobangi and the Ponds in Karen & Kahawa Sukari

 Trade effluent is any wastewater, other than surface water and domestic sewage that’s discharged from the premises used for a business, trade or industry.

Discharge of trade effluent into the public sewer network of Nairobi City without the Effluent Discharge License issued by NCWSC is a criminal offence as provided in the Water Act 2016.

It takes fourteen calendar days upon submission of the requisite documents to get the effluent discharge license/Exhauster discharge license.

The effluent discharge license and Exhauster discharge license are charged annually. The wastewater being discharged must meet the standards for discharge to public sewers as provided in the fifth schedule of Environmental Management Coordination Act.

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company only issues effluent discharge license to facilities discharging their wastewater through the sewer.