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Yes. The Company encourages consumers to take their own readings so that they can also track their water consumption and budget for it. However it is illegal to deny authorized Company staff access to water meters.
You should report to the Company and it will be replaced free of charge. However, customers will be required to pay for replacement of meters that have been willfully damaged.
Corruption is a two-way activity: there must be a willing giver and a willing receiver. To fight corruption, customers are asked to report employees demanding bribes to the Company Managing Director on Tel +254203988520
The customer fills in an application form together with copies of an ID / Passport and Pin certificate. For domestic consumers Ksh 2,500 is paid both for survey and meter deposit while for commercial customers its ksh 25,000, for industrial customers its 50,000, for domestic construction its 15,000,  for commercial construction 50,000
It takes 14 days for a new consumer to be connected.
No, the meter is read on monthly basis free of charge.
Make a formal request which will be acknowledged through payment for the service and clear any outstanding bill you might have and the water will be supplied within 5 days.
NCWSC appreciates the role customers play in communicating information on leaks and burst and they have opened a call center to receive all customer complaints.
There are toll free lines which are absolutely free and the numbers are:
As part of the service improvement NCWSC have partnered with other service providers and you have to ensure that you have registered for e-billing services by dialing *888#. You have an option of receiving the bill via e-mail or mobile phone.
NCWSC has a primary responsibility of equitably providing affordable water and sewerage service through efficient, effective and sustainable utilization of the available resources in an environmentally friendly manner and meet and exceed the customer expectations. NCWSC is the newly formed company that took over the provision of water and sewerage services in Nairobi from the Nairobi City County.
Call the Call Centre on the following numbers or report to any NCWSC business Centre near you and our technical team will address the issues within 24 hours.
0702206328 or visit our social media pages
Visit any of the NCWSC business centers and lodge in your complaint with the customer care staff who will give you a complaint number for ease of follow up, or lodge your complaint via maji voice by dialing *888#
NCWSC is committed to ensuring that you are reconnected within 24 hours after paying the required amount.
Water shortages arise from leakages, illegal connections, and vandalism of the piping system, poor infrastructure and natural conditions like drought. The Company is tackling some of these problems by purchasing and installing water meters and other equipment to enhance service provision. The company promises to continuously repair all leaks within 48hours of reporting.
Yes, the water is treated as per the standards of the World Health Organization and Kenya Bureau Standards (KEBS). The Government Chemist, KEBS and the Ministry of Health randomly and independently also sample the water and have certified it fit for human consumption.
The Company monitoring team follows up on illegal connections and any person who is found using water illegally will be prosecuted.
According to the water Act 2002, it is a criminal offence to reconnect your own water.
The link between cost and price is the meter reading. After a meter reading, Billing is based on set regulator set rates. The consumer is billed for only what is consumed.

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