Phase One of RRI Rolled Out ​

Staff in collaboration with the Water Police Unit unearths an illegal water pipe

The Company has undertaken phase I of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) aimed at curbing illegal connections and enhancing revenue collection. The 3-month exercise targets to reduce Non-Revenue Water by 7.8% and increase revenue collection by Ksh. 105.7 million per month.

Several strategies to achieve the set targets have been put in place. This entails among others disconnection of illegal water connections and concreting of the line along North Airport Road from Cabanas area to Tajmall; Outering road from Tajmall to Nairobi Cereals Board including Kwaheri road and Gigiri (3 Phases). The aim is to reduce NRW by 2.57% and improve collection.

Further, a crackdown on illegal connections in Kitusuru, Kibagare, and Runda Water and GIS mapping of properties to grow the number of accounts by 37,000 will be undertaken. The exercise also seeks to sustain the reduction of water loss along the Langata line to reduce NRW by 2.02% and change 8,334 stopped meters.

The rollout also will target mass disconnections across all Regions as well as billing the standing sewer charges per household/unit as part of the strategy. Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is the difference between the amount of water put into the distribution system and the amount of water billed/unbilled as authorized consumption.

It comprises both commercial (apparent) and physical (real) losses. It is an operational indicator contributing to the sustainability question of the utilities and therefore is a significant measure that facilitates the evaluation of the efficiency of operations.