Nairobi Water in the Community

Nairobi Water Simplified Sewer project

The project will take place in Mukuru Kwa Ruben, an informal settlement in Southeast Nairobi. …

Nairobi Water Kiambui Project

Kiambiu is a large informal settlement located in Nairobi’s Eastleigh division and has four villages: …

Nairobi Water Sewerage Kiambui

The Outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) prompted water and sanitation utilities together …

Infrastructure Projects

Ongoing Projects

Sewer extension works of 1119m DN300 and 3938m DN450

St. Georges Primary Sewer Relief

 Construction of 89m DN450mm Sewer rehabilitation works.  Objective:     To relieve overloaded existing sewer

KCC Sewer upgrade Image

The project objective is to extend sewer services in KCC Mowlem area with an intention of creating clean environment, which will be enhanced by the proper management of the waste water/sewer

kamunde sewer rehabilitation and upgrade work

The primary objective of this project is to improve sanitation at Kariobangi North area bound by Kamunde rd loop.

mihang'o underground tank

This project objective is to build a construction of underground 500m3 reinforced concrete tank to supply water to Mihango area.

Donholm - Savannah Sewer Rehabilitation and Upgrade

The purpose of this project is to improve sanitation status in Donholm area

Moi Lane & Kariakor Market rehabilitation

This project was spearheaded to address overflow issues at Moi Lane and Kariakor Market.

Martin Luther Primary School Sewer Relief

The objective of this project is to relief the status of Martin Luther Primary School Sewer System.

Riruta sewer extension works

Project objective is to extend the Riruta sewer system to a length of 15,795m.

Completed Projects

outer ring road pipe laying

The project involved the construction of water and sewer pipelines along Outer Ring road. The

oba project

Connecting of the sewers to the landlord compounds by converting the existing pit latrines into

Kiamaiko sewer rehabilitation

Construction of 2200m, DN450mm Sewer rehabilitation and upgrade works. The project objective is to improve